For the visitors of the Park and Anavra

We inform you that from the new year and on, there is a guard/tour guide in the “GOURA” Environmental and Cultural Park of the springs of Anavra, who is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance, the protection of the park in general and the guided tours for the visitors.

Organized groups of visitors of Anavra (schools, environmental groups, associations, etc.) who wish to visit Anavra in order to learn about the work that has been done here by Dim. Tsoukalas, former President of the Community Anavra or another member of the company, and want to be shown around the park, should send an e-mail to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or if it is not possible, to send a fax (+30 22320 91204) or call Mrs. Machi Karali (mob. +30 6974 766 101).


The arrangement in prior is necessary for timely and better organizing the visits. Our goal is our voluntary supply to be as efficient and productive as possible for both guests and the location.