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Dear friends

We welcome you to our website. Anavra for some of us was our living work. In 1990 when we decided to deal with problems and everyday life in Anavra, the village was in a state just before the devastation. Today, Anavra is among the few-unfortunately-examples in Greece that offer hope. The last two years television channels, radio stations, newspapers and internet are referring to the \"miracle\" that has been done here. What we would expect of the state? The obvious: To celebrate and reward achievement, boost and motivation to become and others like Anavra.

Unfortunately, the obvious is what is missing from Greece. Thus the new law \"KALLIKRATIS\" the abolished and incorporated in the new enlarged municipality Almyros, a municipality that is required to solve many problems. Faced with this situation, and considering that for previous two decades we have worked hard to create \"the phenomenon of Anavra”, we could not remain inactive. As citizens now, without an institutional role, still from the position of the simple citizen, we give a pledge and put a bet:

Anavra will continue to rise, will live and progress. We will not leave Anavra to extinguish, to turn back to the situation that it was.

We hope and believe that we have with us the vast majority of the villagers, but also an immense crowd of friends, fans and admirers of the village from all over Greece, who learned about us by their visits or by surfing the internet. All together, in cooperation with the local authorities of Anavra and the city of Almyros, will try to accomplish an impossible-even at first glance-project: A small village which has managed the \"miracle\" to continue to prosper and evolve in spite of the lack of help of any legal and natural persons, and contrary to in difficult times and crises of all kinds. Through the non-profit company \"ANAVRA-ZO” VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION OF ANAVRA MAGNESIA FOR ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND CULTURE that we established, we will fight with all our forces to succeed and set an example in order to inspire other villages to follow the example of Anavra. We are here to give, not to take. The time has come now more than ever we pass for citizens to take matters into their own hands, with a spirit of volunteerism and solidarity, with passion and clear objectives, without ulterior motives, always available to offer.

About Us

The non-profit company \"VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION OF ANAVRA MAGNESIA FOR ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND CULTURE\" under the name \"ANAVRA-ZO\" was founded in August 2010 (Registration No. 3865/2010 Court of Volos) of seven members, partners, who are the following:


Born in Anavra. He left after Elementary school to study and work in Lamia and Athens, and returned several years later (1990) with a goal and vision to help to regenerate the village. He was for 16 years (1991-1994, 1999-2010) President of the Community Anavra Magnesia until its abolition in 2010 by law Kallikrates. He decided not to take part in the last elections for the first and second degree Local Government, despite the many pressures he received. He is retired from Public Enterprise of Electricity and resides permanently in Anavra.


Born in Anavra. He was a pioneer in establishing the sports team of the village and pillar in all years of operation. He is a typical case of volunteer willing to offer assistance and services for the public good.


Born in Athens. Dr. Architect, Professor in the School of Architecture NTUA. She is married to Dim. Ch. Tsoukalas and was all these 16 years Technical Director of the Community without pay. Her assistance beyond the scientific field, extended to many other areas and problems of the Community. Resident of Anavra.


Born and lives in Anavra. She is Secretary of the Community Anavra (now Local Community). As the only permanent employee of the Community bore the burden of handling the huge volume of work over the past 20 years. She is a Chairperson of the Association of Women in Anavra Magnesia.


Born in Filiadona but grew in Anavra, birthplace of his father. He went in 1967 to Athens for studies (Graduate School of Industrial Piraeus). Always interested in politics, so he was a founding and active member of the Association of people from Anavra in Athens. He nourishes excessive love for his village and wants to offer everything, especially now that he has free time after retirement.


Stathis was born in Anavra, but was raised and lives in Athens. His interest in his place of origin is great. He graduated from TEI of Kavala, department of Electrical Engineering in 1990. He business activities expand for more than 15 years in the field of Security and Guarding services. He is willing to help with the progressive course and development of our voluntary organization.


Born and lives in Anavra. With her husband and brother-born and raised in Anavra also, have established a modern facility catering for the convenience of visitors, along with their employment in farming. Very interested in the development of the village and its well-being.