New technologies in Agriculture and Stockbreeding

On January 22, 2012 Prof. George DAOUTOPOULOS from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Agriculture, was the main speaker in a seminar organized by ANAVRA-ZO in the Multipurpose Hall of Anavra ‘Athanasios Milionis’. The theme was "New Technologies in Organic Agriculture and Livestock."

The seminar was attended by many fellow villagers and our farmers, especially young ones, as well as visitors from the area, which have been informed on the event though our website. Prof. Daoutopoulos spoke with clarity and simplicity about three new technologies that can be used in farming, namely: Energetic Microorganisms, zeolite and mycorrhiza. According to Prof. Daoutopoulos all these new technologies can be applied easily, have low cost, can improve living conditions of the animals and can raise not only production but also the quality of the products.

Prof. Daoutopoulos received many questions and at the end of his lecture provided additional information and urged farmers to try these technologies in part of their farm in order to have comparative results.

Board members of ANAVRA-ZO who attended the seminar asked Prof. Daoutopoulos to visit the village once more in spring in order to supervise those who will apply the technologies and organize more experimental applications of the technologies he presented.

Information regarding the issues presented can be found in:

GEORGE DAOUTOPOULOS Professor AUTH This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gifts to the Elementary School offered by ANAVRA-ZΟ

Great joy to young pupils of primary school and nursery school gave the initiative of ANAVRA-ZO to distribute gifts to the Christmas party at school. This occurred on December 22, 2011, a day that dawned with snow, which for a moment threatened the cancellation of the festival. Eventually the teachers managed to get the Almiros and the celebration took place. At the end the President of ANAVRA-ZO and former President of the Community of Anavra DIMITRIS CHR. TSOUKALAS and President of the Local Community Anavra GEORGE KELAFAS distributed the gifts, which were greeted with shouts of joy from the children.

It should be noted that until last year, the gifts were given by the Local authorities of the community. This year there was no corresponding move on the part of the municipality, so it was a reasonable enthusiasm for the children when they saw members of ANAVRA-ZO Dimitris Chr. Tsoukalas and Machi Karali arriving with bags filled with gifts.

Park ranger in "Goura" Environmental and Cultural Park of the springs of Anavra

With the actions of ANAVRA-ZO we solved a very serious problem for the operation of the Park "GOURA" of the springs of Anavra. Since January 2012, -and in times of austerity-, they ensured the presence of a guard (park ranger) for the park. After consulting with the assent of the Council of Local Community Anavra, the warden will arrange for cleaning, maintenance and overall protection, while it will undertake a tour organized groups of visitors.

This very important achievement is due to sponsorship of a fan from Australia for Anavra and the work that has been done here in recent years. The Australian friend of Anavra, after what he had read on the internet, visited the village in summer, saw and admired, was enthusiastic about the park and offered to help, because he understood the difficult situation we are as a country. And all this without any personal view, maintaining his anonymity. Things unprecedented for Greece, don’t you think??!

We thank him warmly, and from here, and wish that his action will find imitators among Greeks in Greece and abroad!

Awards to the best readers given by ANAVRA-ZO

Another event held during the school festival and was a surprise to everyone, students and parents, was the award by ANAVRA-ZO to the best readers of the Library Antoniou, (a boy and a girl) who borrowed the most books in the past year. The children who were awarded by the boys is VANGELIS ZIOGAS who borrowed 61 books and KONSTANTINA MILIONI who also borrowed 61 books. The awards, which was a nice book, gave the head of operating the library volunteer and a member of ANAVRA-ZO Mrs. Machi Karali.

Here is a good idea to mention some statistics showing the great impact it had the function of the library since its inception (September 2010) until the end of 2011. The library opened 63 times, had 913 visitors-readers, of whom 803 were children and only 110 –unfortunately- adults. The books that were borrowed are 752.
Having regard to the proportions, those numbers are a great success and a very happy event for the small community of Anavra.

ANAVRA-ZO and the Community Library

Considering that the library in a small community like Anavra can play a very important role, especially in relation to the children, ANAVRA-ZO decided to support the operation of the Community Library of Local Community of Anavra and especially the sections "Public Library Antoniou, MD" (intended mainly for children) and "Wing Matika"(for adults).

The Emeritus Professor of NTUA Machi Karali, a member of ANAVRA-ZO and unpaid consultant of the local community on technical and cultural issues (Decision 2/2011) has been in charge of this project, the electronic registration of books, lending the books, the cleaning (!) of the building and supervising the days of operation, which she did (except cleaning) also when Anavra was operating as an autonomous community. The response mainly by children of nursery and primary school is moving, something that gives us courage to continue that our voluntary activity.