Anavra of Magnesia, as a bright example in the crisis

On a rainy day that passes our homeland, Anavra and whatever has been done here, is a bright example, but unfortunately one of the few in Greece.  Many things have contributed to this: the media, Greek and foreign, who has increased the exposure with reports and tributes in press reports and broadcasts on television, as well as the visitors, individual or in groups (schools, clubs etc.) who come to see live what they hear and read.  The numerous invitations received by the initiator of this project Dimitris Ch. Tsoukalas, former President of Magnesia’s’  Community of Anavra (1991-1994, 1999-2010) and now President of ANAVRA-ZO, to speak and present this phenomenon of local development in various fora, workshops, conferences, seminars etc. are also a beneficial factor. 

The most recent one was in Metsovo on 10.26.2012, where he spoke at a conference organized by the Association of Greek Chemists, Annex of Epirus, together with the Municipality of Metsovo and the University of Ioannina in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Metsovo.
On this occasion we remind you that Anavra’s case was presented in the following events:

  • Athens, 07.06.2012 , Ecologist Greens
  • Mouzaki of Karditsa, 06.30.2012, “Enomeni Romiosini”
  • Larisa, 06.10.2012, NGO of Thessaly
  • Larisa, 03.09.2012, TEI of Larisa
  • Patra ,09.30.2011, Western Administrative District of Greece
  • Melabes of Crete, 09.11.2011, Local Community of Melabes
  • Olympos of Karpathos, 09.10.2011, Association "Woman of Karpathos"
  • Athens, 05.28.2011, Harokopio University , Postgraduate Program
  • Kozani, 03.30.2011, Independent Self-government Movement “ Municipality of Kozani : Place to live”
  • Athens ropes, 03.27.2011, National Park “Schinias” of Marathon
  • Athens, 02.04.2011, TEE / EKEM
  • Thessaloniki, 01.31.2011, Bar Association of Thessaloniki- Movement of Active Citizens of Stagira - Acanthus
  • Athens, 12.02.2010, Greek Company Business Administration
  • Athens, 10.04.2010, TEDx Academy
  • Tzoumerka , 08.07.2010, Tzoumerka’s Confederation
  • Konitsa, 12.12.2009, Konitsas’ Center for Environmental Education ( CEE )
  • Kastoria , 12.11.2009, CCI Kastoria
  • Kalamaria Thessaloniki 11.20.2009, Kalamarias’ Municipality
  • Athens, 11.10.2009, Greek- American Chamber
  • Lassithi Plateau, 08.06.2009, Cretans’ Student Union
  • Chios Amani, 08.02.2009, Citizens\' Movement
  • Athens, 05.21.2009, Harokopio University , Postgraduate Program
  • Paranesti of Drama, 05.15.2009, CCI Paranestiou
  • Athens, 05.14.2007, Harokopio University , Postgraduate Program

The number of invitations received by the President of ANAVRA-ZO for speeches is impressive. He responds to as many as he can because he thinks it is his duty and responsibility to make known the example of Anavra, so that all shall understand nothing is impossible; everything can be done as long as we want it and seek it in the right way.