ANAVRA-ZO and the Community Library

Considering that the library in a small community like Anavra can play a very important role, especially in relation to the children, ANAVRA-ZO decided to support the operation of the Community Library of Local Community of Anavra and especially the sections "Public Library Antoniou, MD" (intended mainly for children) and "Wing Matika" (for adults).


The Emeritus Professor of NTUA Machi Karali, a member of ANAVRA-ZO and unpaid consultant of the local community on technical and cultural issues (Decision 2/2011) has been in charge of this project, the electronic registration of books, lending the books, the cleaning (!) of the building and supervising the days of operation, which she did (except cleaning) also when Anavra was operating as an autonomous community. The response mainly by children of nursery and primary school is moving, something that gives us courage to continue that our voluntary activity.