ANAVRA-ZO and the Folklore Museum

One of the highlights of our village which is visited by many friends who arrive in here to see with their own eyes the work has been done in Anavra is the Folklore Museum Livestock Life. It is very important to preserve the culture and history of our village.

Unfortunately, after integration in the Municipality of Almyros but also before, when Anavra operated as autonomous community, it was possible to have an official responsible for the operation. The project was undertaken, then and now, by Emeritus Professor of NTUA Machi Karali, a member of ANAVRA-ZO and unpaid consultant of the local community on technical and cultural issues (Decision 2/2011). This voluntary offer is to gather and electronic register objects, the configuration of the space, the exhibition of objects, designing required equipment, cleaning (!) of the building, and supervising the days and hours of operation.