ANAVRA-ZO celebrates the World Environmental Day by cleaning campaign in Anavra

There was great success of the initiative ANAVRA-ZO to organize cleaning campaign in public areas of the village and the Environmental and Cultural Park of Anavra springs, on the occasion of World Environment Day. The event took place on February 6th, 2011. Kindergarten and Elementary School of Anavra, Local Community, the Church Council of Anavra, the Association of Women of Anavra and many villagers participated in the event.

The whole campaign was coordinated by President of ANAVRA-ZO and former President of the Community Anavra Dim. Chr. Tsoukalas. All participants gathered at 9.00 am at the village square. Brief speeches were made by the Director of Elementary School George Kitsios and Machi Karali, a member of ANAVRA-ZO and in sequence plastic gloves and garbage bags were shared in all participants. The formed groups were scattered in various places of the village and the Park and, engaged with zeal, start collecting garbage. The collection was impressive and fully vindicated the initiative of the event, especially in this time where the cleaning of the village and the park is inadequate.

At the end of the operation all the participants gathered again in Central Square, where they enjoyed treats offered by Stathoula Tsantouri in the store. Other sponsors of the event were Theodore Tsiatsianis, pharmacist of Anavra, and Spyros Makriyannis, owner of the grocery store of Anavra.