New technologies in Agriculture and Stockbreeding

On January 22, 2012 Prof. George DAOUTOPOULOS from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Agriculture, was the main speaker in a seminar organized by ANAVRA-ZO in the Multipurpose Hall of Anavra ‘Athanasios Milionis’. The theme was "New Technologies in Organic Agriculture and Livestock."

The seminar was attended by many fellow villagers and our farmers, especially young ones, as well as visitors from the area, which have been informed on the event though our website. Prof. Daoutopoulos spoke with clarity and simplicity about three new technologies that can be used in farming, namely: Energetic Microorganisms, zeolite and mycorrhiza. According to Prof. Daoutopoulos all these new technologies can be applied easily, have low cost, can improve living conditions of the animals and can raise not only production but also the quality of the products.

Prof. Daoutopoulos received many questions and at the end of his lecture provided additional information and urged farmers to try these technologies in part of their farm in order to have comparative results.

Board members of ANAVRA-ZO who attended the seminar asked Prof. Daoutopoulos to visit the village once more in spring in order to supervise those who will apply the technologies and organize more experimental applications of the technologies he presented.

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