Large donation to ANAVRA-ZO for Anavra’s children

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One of the benefits of the publicity and promotion that the phenomenon of Anavra’s development has received lately is the fact that there are intense people who are more than willing to aid our difficult project despite the current adverse circumstances.

Such a case, the latest one, is that of a donor who wants to retain her anonymity -and we respect that-. She sent us 10 packages of books, all of extraordinary content, which have already been being registered online and placed on selves by the administrator of the Library and Secretary of ANAVRA-ZO, Machi Karali.

The second and most important part of the donation to our Voluntary Organization is the provision of 11 computers and one multifunction device. The equipment already arrived on Friday 01.17.2014 at the village under the care of the donor, accompanied by a competent engineer who installed it temporarily in the Conference Room of the Social Council where the Community Library is also housed.

The news of the arrival and installation of the computers was quickly appreciated by young and old readers and aroused great enthusiasm. On Saturday 01.25.2014 Stathis Koutsimpelas, a member of our Voluntary Organization made the appropriate customization of the computers to prevent entry to unwanted and dangerous sites. And finally on Sunday 27.1.2014 everyone was able to enjoy them! The turnout was massive by elementary and high school students, who waited in line to get a seat. We hope the computer lab we created will attract other visitors-young people of our village.  

We thank the donor once again for her significant contribution to our project that we have undertaken voluntarily. And that is none other than the beneficial recreation and education of the little children and youth of Anavra. We hope her example will inspire others to help, in the degree and field that anyone can.