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Dear friend,

Anavra needs you.
Anavra needs us all.

We, who have initiated the development in Anavra by offering voluntary and decent work all these years under the sole purpose of giving, and not taking, ask now for your own contribution.  

Anavra is a beacon and hope for all of us in the dark days that we live in. We lit the flame, but it is your help that is also needed for it to not fade away.
The honesty and integrity of the people who created and support ANAVRA-ZO is proven through their work.
In ANAVRA-ZO we spend our time and efforts keeping alive the dream of development despite the lackluster economic possibilities we have now.

The key areas that need support immediately are:

  • The Environmental Cultural Park of Anavra’s springs “GOURA”
  • The Library
  • The Folklore Museum of Farming Life

Even a very small symbolic amount for us is a breath of life.
Thanks in advance for your contribution.

The President of ANAVRA-ZO

Bank account of ANAVRA-ZO


ALPHA BANK 312 00 2002 005586
IBAN GR69 0140 3120 0200 2005 586