Letter to sponsors

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Anavra October 2011

Dear friend of Anavra

In this very difficult situation for us, we turn to you and ask you to help as much as you can, in order not to be wasted all the work that has been done here in recent years and has made Anavra known not only in the region and Greece but also abroad. Anavra today more than ever, is a bright spot, a lighthouse, a hope and an optimistic message that if we want, we can do it, we can go ahead. This hope must not be lost, must not be extinguished.

The difficulties we are facing are many. Due to the economic crisis, which provides zero funds for projects, due to the catastrophic for the local Government law of Kallikrates which deprived Anavra of an autonomy and self-managing of its sources community, and finally due to how the City of Almiros governs, which is no different than the prevailing majority of Greek cities.

In this situation we did not stay and will not stay with crossed hands. We faced much more or less difficult situations when Anavra was a forgotten mountain farming village with muddy streets and animals to move throughout them. But we did it. The Community of Anavra had in the last 12 years, the highest growth among all local communities and with environmentally friendly projects such as wind farms, Environmental Cultural Park, a small hydroelectric power (in auctions), district heating (full study). Now, as ordinary citizens, we created a non-profit company "ANAVRA-ZO. VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION OF ANAVRA MAGNESIA FOR ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND CULTURE» (www.anavra-zo.gr) in order to help in any way this place to remain alive, to continue to lead by example and even evolve against and in spite of times.

In this effort, we want your help, financial and any other. You can, if you want to deposit any contribution to the following account:

COMMERCIAL BANK ALMIROS account. 308 88068 220
IBAN: GR04 0120 3080 0000 0008 8068 220

Thank you very much and be certain that the money will be used for good causes