Tour visits start again in Anavra Magnesia

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Many organized visits started again after the summer break from groups and associations in our village to learn about the "phenomenon of Anavra Magnesia", see the projects up close and browse through the unique Environmental Cultural Park “Goura” and Folklore Museum of Farming Life.

Last week we welcomed a 25-member group of mayors from Cyprus (10/04/2012) and on Sunday (07/10/2012) the central square of the village flooded with 3 buses carrying members of two clubs from Karditsa Marathea and members of Union Veterans of the Scouts Ampelokipi Thessaloniki. Furthermore, the recent visit of Anavra had another purpose: after standard briefing by Dim. Ch. Tsoukalas former President of the Community of Anavra Magnesia and President of ANAVRA-ZO, the Old Scouts of Ampelokipi rewarded the work of Mr. Tsoukalas and his wife, Machi Karali, volunteer Technical Advisor of the Community. The award was a plaque and they were both nominated honorary members of Union.

As usual, after the briefing the organized groups (associations, schools, etc.) visited the park with the escort guard of the park, and then tasted the delicious organic meat in taverns. They all left with the best impressions.

It should be noted that, so far, 174 organized groups, apart from individual visitors, have visited Anavra with a total number of 8248 people.

It should once again be emphasized that the voluntary organization ANAVRA-ZO, despite the difficult period of the economic crisis, will do whatever they can to maintain the projects that have been done here and, if possible, to evolve them even further. The abolition of the “Kallikrates” law and the inclusion of the Community of Anavra in the municipality of Almyros were disastrous for our community - a Community with the largest growth in Greece - in a time when the economic cutback of Local Government Organizations is great.

We are available to all organized visitors to our village (schools, clubs, environmental organizations), by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..