Permanent residence and employment in Anavra

It is a fact that in recent years with the great publicity that has received Anavra Magnesia, we accept many e-mails and phone calls from people who are frustrated by city life, who want to settle in our village and work here. But we must inform anyone who cares about that, that Anavra is a purely farming village that has no relation to the traditional villages of mountain Pelion.
It remains to add that it is difficult to find homes (for purchase or rental) that are suitable for a comfortable life but there is a list of properties available for sale.

As for the matter of employment, of course, a certain profession is that of the farmer. Beyond that, the small community of Anavra (500 approx. residents) and visitors (especially on weekends and holidays) be in need of some services and shops, which do not currently exist. Besides of an oven and a mini market, which are already operating, someone could open a shop with local products and other types of touristic shops and perhaps a hairdresser and a petrol station.
Because many are asking how they can become citizens of Anavra, the condition is that the person is a resident for two years and states as its business address Anavra Magnesia to the tax office of Almiros city.




Accommodation in Anavra

In Anavra there are not yet shelters that cover the needs of a proper accommodation. There are only a few rooms. Guesthouses and hotels can be found in nearby cities, Almiros (40km) and Lamia (44 km).

In Almiros there are three hotels:
1. ALOS, Papanatsios Athan. & Son, tel 24220-29080. Prices: double room € 55, single room € 40.
2. ARXONTIKO, Forest Kouri, Delizisis Theodore, tel +30 24220-23100, mob. +30 6936 868 638. Prices: double room € 60, single room € 40.
3. THOMAS, Dimitriou Vassiliki, tel +30 24220-21445, fax +30 24220 22077, mob.6974 432 426. Prices: double room € 40, single € 30, triple € 50.

A very satisfactory solution is the guest house of St. Paraskevi’s Parish in Domokos (37 km). It has the best and quickest access, has 14 rooms with 2bed, 3bed, 4bed rooms (total 38 beds) with private bathroom in each room, heater, TV. Price € 15.




Under construction.

How to get to Anavra

The Anavra village is located in the northern part of Magnisia prefecture, hidden in a valley of Othrys Mountains. The village lies at the same distance from Lamia city (approximately 40 km) at southwest, but also from Almyros town (40 km) at northeast. Anavra is about 250 km away from the greek capital, Athens. Take a look at the map below to get familiar with Anavra\'s location.


By car


From Athens
Through the National Road (E75) you arrive at Lamia and from there through the national rural network (E65) you follow the direction to Domokos. At a distance of 22 km there is an intersection with signs to Anavra. Turn right and after passing the villages Palamas, Makroleivado, Melitea and Filiadona (Hiliadou) you arrive at your destination!

From Thessaloniki
Through the National Road (E75) you arrive in Almiros. You cross over towards Efxeinoupoli and follow the signs specifically for Anavra and you reach your destination after you have travelled approximately 40 kilometres and you pass through the villages of Efxeinoupoli, Neraida and Neochoraki.


Anavra on Google Maps

By bus (KTEL - interurban buses)

From Athens:
There are daily routes to Lamia departing from the the Coach Station of Liosion Street.

From Lamia:
From Lamia there are frequent weekly routes for Anavra. For further and more accurate information you can contact with the local offices of the Bus Station of Fthiotida.
Departure from Lamia: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 05.15 and 13.45, Sunday:13.45
Departure from Anavra: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 06.15 and 15.45, Sunday 15.45
Bus station of Lamia: tel. 22310-51345, 22310-24895
Athens Bus station: tel. 210-8317147
Thessaloniki bus station: 2310-512444, 2310-517324

From Almiros:
There are routes to and from Almiros every Monday and Friday.
Departure from Almiros: Wednesday, Friday 07.30 and 14.00
Departure from Anavra: Monday, Friday 08.30 and 15.00
Bus station of Almiros: tel. 24220-23733

By train

More information about train routes to and from Lamia:

By taxi

You can come to Anavra also by taxi from Athens or by taxi in Lamia, or by contacting George Georgoulas, local taxi driver seated in a nearby village called Filiadona (or Hiliadou) who serves routes to and from Anavra. You can contact him on the phone ++30 6976 860 834.