Our goals

According to the statute of company (No of registration 3865/2010 Court of first instance Volos) the aims of company, as well as its resources are those that are reported below. Still there is a reference also in the categories of members of company, the obligations and their rights.


The main objectives of the company are:

1. The protection (conservation, improvement and rehabilitation) of natural and human environment of Anavra and the region and not only, in accordance with the principles of sustainability. Particular attention will be given to raising environmental awareness and of public opinion and especially of children in environmental issues.

 2. The preservation and development of culture and cultural heritage (history, monuments and sites, cultural products, institutions and events).

In parallel and in order to achieve this, a third main goal is:

3. The cultivation of attitudes and policy management, and coordination of actions and protests against options with adverse impact on environment and culture.


More specifically, the action of the company for the achievement of the objectives of Anavra and the surrounding area for:

- Springs of Anavra and the Environmental Cultural Park «Goura»

- Wind Farm Alogorachis

- Cliffs and shelters game

- The Folklore Museum of livestock Life Anavra Magnesia

- In Anavra Community Library (Library Rep. Anthoniou, Wing Matika)

- In archaeological sites (Moria Castle, Grintia castle etc.) and monuments (churches, bridges)

- Everything else related to those mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3


To fulfill its objectives, the company makes many different activities such as:

1. Participation in development programs (national and European) to protect and restore the natural and cultural environment

2. Cooperation and participation with other agencies (local government region, ministries, etc.) in studies, surveys and programs with these purposes

3. Cooperation with research centres, universities and technological institutions in the country and abroad, and environmental organizations

4. The support of local authorities, the business of local authorities, cooperatives and other natural or legal persons and encourage local initiatives on issues related to the purposes of company

5. Support and promote initiatives for green development (tourism, alternative tourism, electricity generation from renewables, etc.)

6. Informing and educating the public as well as education and training members of the company (members and helpers) in the environment and culture.

7. Organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, symposiums, excursions, courses, public meetings and exhibitions aimed at promoting the objectives of the company

8. Producing materials associated with all these (publications, promotion on Internet, CD ROM, databases, etc.)




Company resources to achieve its objectives are:

a) The membership fees of the company, as well as supporters

b) Funding from international organizations, businesses and individuals.

c) Government subsidies or grants from public entities to private entities or parastatal bodies or Local Authorities

d) Grants, donations, legacies, bequests and any contributions domestic or foreign natural or legal persons.

e) Income from holding property of the company.

f) Income from the general rights and obligations created during its operation.

g) Interest on deposits

h) Other income of any kind



The members of the company are divided into:

a. Regular: Regular members are only partners (see About Us).

b. Volunteers-Supporters, who have all rights and obligations under the statutes of the company, but they have the right to vote. Volunteers are active in achieving the objectives of the company

c. Helping members or subscribers of the company designated persons or entities resident or domiciled in Greece or abroad and want to help fulfil the goals of the company, with logistical, financial, moral or other legal tender.

d. Honorary: By decision of our members, people who are highly respected designated as honorary members persons for their knowledge status personality can me designated as honorary members of our company in order to provide important and valuable services for the success of the objectives of the company.


The company is open to include members as  volunteers, supporters or associate members, subscribers and those of our friends from all over Greece share mutual purposes and want to help Anavra, especially now, in these difficult times to remain a model of growth and even go ahead.

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