The 1ˢᵗ channel of the German Public Television (ARD) in Anavra'

It is natural that the assumption of the EU Presidency by Greece rekindles the interest of the international media in our country. In this context, a similar interest grows for Anavra as well, as an example that Greece can manage itself. 

Already at the beginning of the New Year the crew of the 1ˢᵗ channel of the German Public Television (ARD) arrived here on 3 and 4 of the month to make a reportage on projects and life in Anavra and get interviews from the contributors of the successful project, the former Chairman of Anavra’s Community and President of ANAVRA-ZO Demetris Chr. Tsoukalas and his associates. The President’s interview also extended to current issues, such as the Greek Presidency in the EU, what the citizens expect from this and what should be done by the Prime Minister and the Government.

The reportage that lasts around 6’ aired on Saturday Jan. 11, 2014, at 17.30 EET, on the show «Europa Magazin».To view it, click here Das Erste - Griechenland: Musterdorf.




Anavra on international media

The case of Anavra in the middle of crisis continues to preoccupy the media. Especially lately has troubled the European media, which they do a story on the economic crisis in Greece make reference to Anavra as a positive signal of operation and development.

On 13.06.2012, four days before the elections, the BBC television crew was in Anavra to record the political movement in a remote but well-known place of Greece. Head of the group was the reporter PAUL MASON who was accompanied by a cameraman and two other women journalists, and who facilitated the communication with the residents of Anavra. The story (for the show “Newsnight”) that made was related to the development of Anavra and current issues surrounding the elections.

An interview of the Chairman of ANAVRA-ZO (and former President of the Community of Anavra) Dimitris Tsoukalas has been broadcasted on 14.06.2012 by the German State Radio (ARD Bayerischer Rundfunk, which has been conducted by the journalist Alkioni Karamanoli.

Furthermore, journalists of European newspapers located in Athens, on the occasion of the parliamentary elections of May 6th, visited Anavra to see the work carried out here and to interview Dimitris Tsoukalas. Specifically on Saturday, April 28th 2012 a group of Dutch newspaper journalists (NRC.NL) led by MARLOES DE KONING arrived at Anavra, and on Sunday, April 29th 2012 another group led by journalist MARIA JOAO GUIMARAES the newspaper PORTUGUESE PUBLICO ( visited our village. They paid much attention on the development of Anavra and the green development projects that have been implemented; there was also great interest from their side for estimation of the President regarding the election results.

Foreign television networks have also shown great interest on Anavra. A Danish crew on 27.01.2012 of State TV (Link: under the reporter JAKOB ILLEBORG came to Anavra to interview Mr. Tsoukalas. The next day on 28.01.2012 a crew from Austrian television (OSTERREICHISCHER RUNDFUNK led by journalist MAG. BURGIT BOCK came in Anavra to perform a documentary on Anavra and interview Mr. Tsoukalas. The shots from Anavra have already been posted online (link:


It is worth to notice that Anavra was in the past the spot of reportages and displays on the following international media:

• On 14.10.2011, on the show “The World” ( It is the international co-production service between BBC (World Service) and American Public Radio Public Radio International (PRI), by the journalist CLARK BOYD.

• On 27.09.2011, on the U.S. digital channel ELLOPIA TV ASTORIA USA, ( by the journalist ATHINA KRIKELI.

• On 08.04.2010, on the NTDTV ( satellite independent, non-profit channel that broadcasts in America, Europe, Asia and China), by the reporters ELIAS PAPAIOANNOU, GEORGE TZOKAS (link: ).

• On 25.05.2009, on DEUTSCHE WELLE TV (DW-TV,, by reporter MILTIADIS ARSENOPOULOS.