Visiting Anavra...

The number of schools of all levels and associations that recently have visited Anavra has grown significantly. Their goal is to get acquainted and confirm what they hear and watch on television and the Internet, or what they learn from the newspapers about the work that has been done here and to see up-close this shining example to the bleak financial times that we are living.

A second fundamental reason -especially for schools- is to visit and become acquainted with the Environmental Cultural Park “GOURA”, where children can get in contact with nature in all of its forms: vegetation, animals, water, soil and the timeless use of all these.

Since the beginning, schools from Almiros city, Nevrokopi-Drama, Keratea-Attiki, the Lower Nevrokopi-Drama, Iolkos-Magnesia, Pefkohori-Chalkidiki, Kalampaki-Drama, Ptolemais have visited our village. have said they will visit us An organization for the recreation of senior citizens from Kolindros and Eginio-Pieria, and also schools of Sparta, Agria-Magnesia, Paliouri-Chalkidiki, Florina, Volos, Larissa have also scheduled to visit Anavra. On the Activities section you can see a list of the schools, clubs and other organized groups that have visited Anavra, where we post more information (in Greek for the time being).

It should be noticed that those visits are organized by our Voluntary Organisation ANAVRA-ZO as follows:
You should first send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by telephone to determine the exact date of your visit. Upon arrival of the group (school, club, etc.) in Anavra, an informative speech is performed by the President of ANAVRA - ZO and former President of the Community of Anavra, Dimitris Tsoukalas. Various images of projects that have been done in the village are projected, most of which are green development projects during the speech. The speech is followed by a visit to the Folk Museum, which, in sequence, is followed by a tour of the park with the escort guide. In most cases, the visit is being concluded with lunch where guests enjoy the delicious organic meat of Anavra.

You can download the full list of the visits by clicking here.